How To Become An Online Teacher ( 3 Easy Methods )

If you have a good knowledge of a subject and want to earn money by teaching it online to others, then read this article carefully because in this article you will learn how to become an online teacher and earn money online. Today the popularity of online classes has increased so much that it has become very easy to earn money through it. This is also better because you can address a large gathering through video conferences and increase your income manifold. There are many online teacher jobs available in 2020 for an eligible teacher like you.

Today you will learn some of the best ways to earn money online so that you can use your art to get a better income. Let us see the different ways through which you can earn money by training online.

  • Online Individual Training: In this way, you can teach one student at a time and you can teach 6 to 8 students for 1 hour throughout the day. This is the traditional way of giving online training and in this way, you can earn 2000 to 3000 daily.
  • Online Group Training: If you have many students to train at one time you can train them by video conferencing. There are many apps available for online conferencing which can be used to provide training to a group of people. Some of the popular apps are as follows.
  • Online Training Through Recorded Video, Audio, and Books: This is the most scalable way of online training because it gives you the freedom to reach any number of people and create any amount of wealth. This method requires making training videos and uploading them on different online platforms like Udemy, Amazon, or your own blog. This medium doesn’t require you to be present, because students learn from pre-recorded videos uploaded by you, so you can say that this can be a good source of passive income.

Popular App For Video Conferencing

  • Zoom: this app has gone popular within a short time. Many educational institutes, brands, and corporations are using zoom for meetings and online video conferencing. Zoom app is FREE as well as it has a paid version to meet the requirements of different people, but all of its plans are affordable and you can enjoy their highly developed video technology.
  • Skype: This is a big name in video calling for many years. This is owned by Microsoft and that name is enough to tell you that it has got awesome features.
  • Google Duo: This video app is a good platform for you to communicate with your friends, family, or even colleagues online. This is a great alternative to Zoom with easy user-friendly features for video and audio calls.

Some other video calling apps are the Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc which can be used for online training purposes. Now at this point, you have got a good idea of how to start online teaching to make money online, you will need a platform where you can get students for your course. There are many sites that provide you students’ data and some of them are as follows.

  • Udemy: This is one of the most popular sites for learning new skills, I have learned many courses on udemy in my career and they helped me a lot in my career as a businessman and web technology company. You can become a teacher on Udemy and earn money online.
  • UrbanPro: Formerly known as Thinkvidya, This site connects teachers and students together where they can communicate and start classes if they liked each other.
  • Tutor: This is another popular online platform for teachers. You can join as a teacher and connect with students.

There are many other platforms like Fiverr, Indeed, etc where you can find students. You can also start a blog and sell your courses on it. There are many teachers who are making good money from their blog and you can be one of them. I hope this article will help you to start your online career as a teacher. Please subscribe to us for regular updates and make money online ideas.

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