How To Become A Voiceover Artist ( 5 Sites For Voice Actors )

If you have got a good voice and wanted to know how to become a voice-over artist, its time to turn your dream into reality. Due to the high demand for work from home culture and the fast-growing Internet community, Now It’s possible to make money online from home through online voice-over jobs. There are many voice-over artists who are already making a good income through online jobs.

There are no much requirements for this job, you should have a Laptop, an Audio interface ( Sound Card ), and a high-quality Mic for best results. If It’s possible for you to invest in purchasing high-quality equipment that gives the results and value for money, we recommend buying the Focusrite bundle which is used by many musicians and voice-over artists around the world. If you don’t have the budget for a home studio bundle you can simply buy a digital mic to record the voice over and copy that into your pc and edit it into any editing software like Cubase or ProTools. Here is the list of equipment you need to start your career as a voice actor.

  • Laptop or PC: Any home PC or Laptop is recommended.
  • A High-Quality Mic: You can buy a Focusrite home studio bundle if you have a budget ( It gives you high quality ) or simply you can buy a digital mic.

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Here are the benefits of becoming an online voice-over artist.

  • Highly-Paid Job: The income you make is much higher than a regular office job.
  • Work On Your Schedule: It gives you freedom of working according to your own time, you can do it full time or part-time as per your requirements.
  • Work From Home: No 9 to 5 office job is required, you can work from home and spend quality time with your family.
  • Earn As Much As You Wish: You can earn as much as you want, It’s completely up to you.

Here is the list of sites that provides online voice over jobs.

  • Freelancer: This site provides a job to voice over artists. At this site, you need to register your profile to start working with the available opportunities. Once you have registered, you can explore many job opportunities for voice over actors and you can choose which project to work with and contact the job posting company with your rates and details.
  • Upwork: Upwork is a well-known name that provides online jobs to thousands of talents worldwide. With Upwork, you can make a good amount of income if you work sincerely and regularly.
  • This site offers voice-over artists thousands of opportunities to audition for open voice acting jobs in multiple industries, and for multi-level projects from around the world. They offer all types of jobs ranging from cartoon film voice-over job to a lucrative commercial voice over job, A Spanish voice over job, or an English or any other language, you can find everything at this site. Start exploring the site to find the opportunity that suits your requirements.
  • This site offers a wide range of voice-over services to their clients so they need voice-over actors like you. Register now with this site and start your online job as a voice-over actor.
  • This site offers many voices over jobs for film trailers, advertising, and commercial, phone system, and characters. You can find hundreds of job listings here and decide the best you are fit into.

Before proceeding, don’t forget to record some good voice-over samples in your voice to attract the attention of advertisers. Remember your voice samples are the first approach that is reviewed by job posting companies and their managing team, so spend some time in rehearsal of dialogues before recording the samples.

I hope this article will help you to become a voice actor, please subscribe to us for new online jobs idea and blogging tips. Thank you for reading this blog, keep learning to keep learning.

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