How To Promote Your Blog When You Have No Money ( 4 Best Ideas )

If you are a blogger and want to get traffic by promoting your blog, then you should have a good budget for advertising which a new blogger usually does not have. Due to this many bloggers get very desperate and they do not know how they can promote their blog. But once you know how to promote your blog using FREE methods, you will never have to worry about it.

Today you will learn how you can promote your blog without money, what are the ways that you can bring good traffic to your blog and earn money online from your blog. Let’s have a look at the effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog and Make Money Online.

1.Social Media: This is the easiest way to bring traffic to your site or blog. If you are still unaware of this method or you have not taken it seriously, then start taking it seriously from today. You can bring a lot of traffic to your site by using the following social sites.

  • Facebook: Create a Facebook business page for FREE and drive unlimited traffic to your blog. Start building your network, add more people to your page or group, post regularly about your new blog posts on Facebook, and see the magic.
  • Quora: This is a question-answer site that has a lot of potentials to drive traffic. Just go there create your profile, search for some questions with the topic related to your product or services, and start answering them. don’t forget to add a link to your site in your answers but please don’t overdo it or you may be blocked from quora.
  • Pahchan Link: Pahchan Link is a social site where you can create your account and write about your products. Here you have no fear of being blocked and you can upload unlimited posts. You will get good traffic from this site because it is a fast-growing social community site that is visited by thousands of people every day.

There are many other sites too where you can share your product details and drive traffic to your site, some most popular of them are Reddit, Ajanabha Gyan, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Push Notification: Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your users’ browsers when you post a new article on your blog. This is a service that sends push notifications to your blog readers who have already subscribed to your site’s push notification service. There are many services that provide FREE push notification services for a startup website. Some of the best names in push notifications are One Signal, Push Engage, etc.

3. Email Newsletter: If you have not yet added this plugin to your blog site then you are losing many potential customers every day. Start building new subscribers using email forms to have your own Eco-system for audiences. There are many services that offer you FREE plugins, some of them are Newsletter, Mailpoet, etc.

4. Backlinks: Start creating new backlinks every day without waiting for any miracle to happen with you. It’s highly recommended to create new backlinks manually only to avoid any Google penalty. Please don’t buy links if you want to grow big in the long run. If you are a beginner and have no idea how to do it, we strongly suggest you make backlinks with the help of SEMrush to avoid unnecessary hard work and experiments.

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Similarly, you can ask for a guest posting from other bloggers, If some of them allow you to write a guest post, write a high-quality unique article around 2000 words to get readers attention. You will be rewarded with a backlink to your site that may lead to unique visitors to your site. We allow guest posts, mail us if you have a unique concept to publish on Ajanabha. Our mail id is

I hope this article will help you to drive more traffic to your site. Please subscribe us to receive regular updates, thanks for reading this blog, Keep Learning Keep Earning.

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