How To Do Home Recording Studio Setup To Record Like A Pro

If you are a musician and looking for the best ways to record vocals at home, this article is going to help you. In this article you will know about the best home recording studio equipments to convert your home into a professional recording studio.

Here is the list to start a in home recording studio equipment you have always imagined.

  1. Computer or Laptop
  2. Daw ( Pro Tools, Cubase, Fl-Studio, Ableton, etc )
  3. Audio Interface
  4. Condenser Microphone
  5. Headphone
  6. Studio Monitors
  7. Midi Keyboard
  8. Mic Stand And Cables

Let’s talk in details about each equipment in the list.

  • Computer or Laptop: To start a home recording studio, a computer or laptop is the first thing you must have. There are two options, you can go for mac or pc depending on your daw selection. If you want to produce music using pro tools or logic pro, you need a mac and if you want to use a window-based music production system like Cubase, Nuendo, fl studio, etc, you need a window pc or laptop. You can start with one of these.

Dell Inspiron 5593 Laptop is the best choice for your home studio setup in window system.

Apple MacBook Pro is the right choice For your recoding studio setup if you are a mac user.

  • Daw ( Pro Tools, Cubase, Fl-Studio, Ableton, etc ): According to your requirements, you need DAW like Pro Tools, Cubase, FL-Studio, Ableton, etc to record vocals and produce music. You can choose mac or windows based DAW depending on your computer or laptop selection.

You can go for Pro Tools or Cubase depending on your operating system. This comes free with Focusrite Audio Interface.

  • Audio Interface: This is the most important part of your home recording studio setup and you need to be good at selecting a high-quality audio interface that adds value to your vocal.

To start a home recording studio, focusrite audio interface is a great choice. This audio interface provides high quality sound at affordable price.

  • Condenser Microphone: To start recording vocals at home, you need a good quality condenser microphone. There are hundreds of microphones are available in the market and we have used several of them. Here is our condenser microphone recommendation for recording high-quality vocals at home.

Rode NT1A Condenser microphone is one of the best microphone used by thousands of musicians worldwide. They provides high quality vocal recording at a very low price.

  • Headphone: We recommend using Sennheiser headphones because they provide good sound for music production and feedback into our ears.

  • Studio Monitors: You need a pair of them to mix and mater your vocal and music tracks.

  • Midi Keyboard: If you want to create music at home, you need a MIDI keyboard. M-Audio is one of the best MIDI keyboards for your home recording studio setup. They are cheap and yet feature riched and durable. They last for years, I used my last M-Audio keyboard for more than 7 years, and still, it’s working.

Mic Stand And Cables: To complete your setup, some extra equipment you need is a mic stand, lyrics stand, and a few sets of XLR cables.

We hope this home recording studio setup list will help you start your own recording studio at home. If you have any questions, please ask us in comment box, we will be happy to help you.

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