how to charge mobile without electricity ( 4 Easy Ways )

Hey welcome to Ajanabha, have you ever stuck in a situation when you have a mobile charger but no electricity to charge it. Such a situation comes when you are outdoor for a film shoot, picnic, or adventure trip kind of activities. Today’s smartphones are very high-feature, they have full HD cameras, GPS, multimedia, social media app, banking app, and many more features. Because of this, they consume a lot more battery. It often happens that your mobile phone goes off and many of your important calls and tasks are missed. If this happens to you too, what will you do? Let’s learn some tips and tricks to charge mobile batteries without using electricity.

In this article you will learn some simple ways by which you can charge your mobile phone without electricity.

  • Use Travel Charger or Power Bank – In today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle, travel chargers are used by millions of people, this is the easiest way to recharge your mobile without electricity. Powerbanks come in capacities ranging from 4999 mAh to 20000 mAh. The higher the value, the more power backup will be.
  • Battery Charging with Solar Charger: Friends, in today’s science era, you can use the rays of the sun to charge your mobile. There are many types of solar battery chargers available for this which you can easily find online.
  • Use a laptop – You can charge a mobile phone if you want with your laptop. Often our laptops have a large amount of battery backup which can be used for mobile charging when needed, for this, you will need a USB cable.
  • Charge mobile with a car battery charger – If you have a car, you can charge your battery through its mobile charger. If you are traveling by taxi like ola or uber, then this facility is present in them, so that you can charge your battery while traveling.

So friends, these were some easy ways by which you can charge your mobile without electricity. It often happens that we already know these methods but we do not understand these remedies when the time comes, that is why we have written this article so that you can remember them and also use them when needed.

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