Best WordPress Hosting Providers In 2020 ( Top 3 Options )

Best WordPress Hosting Providers In 2020 ( Top 3 Options )

If you are looking for best WordPress hosting providers in cheap rates, this article is for you.

As WordPress controls near 33% of the sites on the planet, the demand for the best blog hosting has highly increased in the past few years. When you are picking best wp hosting for your new or a current WordPress site, you should keep in mind the following important factors.

  • Latest PHP Version: this is the most important thing to keep in mind before selecting a WordPress hosting provider. The latest version of PHP keeps your site run faster.
  • SSL Certificate: According to google SSL certificate is responsible for ranking higher in google. Sites with SSL certificates run faster than those having no SSL certificate.
  • Customer Support: This is the third most important factor before choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress site. Fast and reliable customer support can avoid the downtime of your site and minimize the losses.
  • Server Location: When you select a hosting provider, You should keep in mind where your traffic coming from. Mostly big hosting providers have their data center in many parts of the world to provide you fast loading time. Suppose your hosting provider has its data center in the USA and your primary traffic comes from India, You may face slow site loading and this may affect your SEO too. So this is also a very important factor while considering

Other features to be considered are hosting space, bandwidth, and easy to use control panel that makes it easier to use. Here are the 3 best WordPress hosting providers recommended by, We are using Dreamhost for Ajanabha and we found it very reliable and faster. The customer support is awesome and they are always ready to help via chat or mail.

  • Bluehost: More than 2 million websites are hosted by Bluehost and this company is recommended by itself. Bluehost offers many hosting packages according to your requirements. If you are a new blogger or your site has no traffic, you can start with their shared hosting which is only 2.95 dollars per month for 50GB of space. When the best web hosts for WordPress is considered, Bluehost is one of the best choices. It comes with 1 free domain and free SSL certificates. You can visit Bluehost here.
Best WordPress Hosting Providers In 2020 ( Top 3 Options )
  • Dreamhost: When starting a WordPress site, Dreamhost is a good hosting option for you. Their fast server, excellent customer support, and high up-time make it a superb choice. Dreamhost guarantees 100% uptime and high security that results in your site ranking higher in google and search engines. Dreamhost offers many prices that suit your needs if you are just starting you can start with their shared plan and upgrade it later when needed. Their shared hosting plan starts with 2.59 dollars per month and it comes with 1 free domain, free SSL, and unlimited space. You can visit Dreamhost here.
Best WordPress Hosting Providers In 2020 ( Top 3 Options )
  • Siteground: Siteground is also recommended by and this is a good option for a starter blogger. Their starter package starts with 3.95 dollars per month for a single domain. They provide a free SSL certificate and they are one of the fastest hosting services for WordPress hosting. You can visit Siteground here.
Best WordPress Hosting Providers In 2020 ( Top 3 Options )

We hope this article will help you to choose the best WordPress hosting company for your WordPress blog or website. All these hosting services are best and recommended by WordPress itself, so you can choose any one of them as per your choice. If you need any help or guidelines, you can ask us in the comment section and we will help you. Thank you for reading this blog, please subscribe for regular updates and valuable make money online ideas.

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