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Best Indian Social Media App To Grow Business Faster in 2021

A few days back, someone asked me which social media is best to grow the social network in 2021. My answer was the one which is an Indian social media app 🙂

What is social media?

Social media is an online community to share ideas and information.
A social media app is an internet-based technology to share ideas, information by creating an online community.

There are few Indian apps for entertainment, making friends, advertise your business, and grow your social networks. Still, in this article, I will talk about an Indian social media app with many features to use.

What is social media used for?

An individual uses social media to keep in touch with friends and family members. Social media platforms are also used to find career opportunities, find people across the globe with similar interests, and share their thought, media, ideas, and creative work. Some great career opportunities can be founded through top social media apps when used in the right direction.

New social media apps have flooded the google play store to replace Chinese apps, which was banned in India in 2020. If you are a new user, you need to go through hundreds of new social networking apps to find the right one for you.

Why is the selection of social media app important?

After the introduction of JIO SIM cards in India, a revolution has come in the internet world. Social media users have increased drastically in the last few years and are expected to grow by 200% by 2023. Here comes the role of an Indian social media app; it’s required to fulfill the Indian internet community’s requirements.

See the chart below to know how the social media users in India has grown in the past few years, with a forecast until 2023.

Let me introduce Famenest, an Indian social media app that you must use to grow your social network and meet new and exciting people. Famenest is a social media app available on the google play store for free download. You can use famenest on your android phone, or you can use the desktop version if you are a laptop or pc user.

What is Famenest Social Media Site

Famenest social media site is the desktop version of the Famenest social media app. Some features are more comfortable to perform on the desktop version, Like writing a blog creating an ad campaign, etc.

How To Make Friends Online On Famenest
  • Join an Interest-based community.
  • Add a profile photo and cover.
  • Add your interest in your profile.
  • Be regular and active.
  • Be caring with other members.
  • Post regularly and engage in trending topics.

what are the features of the Famenest social media app?

Famenest social networking app comes with a ton of features. Some of the significant components of this social networking app are as follows.

  • You can share photos, videos, and stories.
  • You can create your pages and groups.
  • You can buy and sell products and services in the Famenest cart.
  • You can submit articles and news.
  • You can create an event and offers.
  • You can advertise your products or services.
  • You can boost your posts for as low as 199 per month.

Why You Should Join A New Social Media Community

I recommend joining a small community because it’s significantly easier to make a connection faster there. In a small community, each member must keep the community alive, and other members will want to include you as much as possible. In a large online community, you lost in with the heavy crowd. People might not even recognize you easily unless you spend a long time in the community.

Join Famenest Social Media Site

Join Famenest Android App

Can we earn money from Famenest?

Yes! There is a huge career opportunity with Famenest. Join the Famenest affiliate program and earn recurring revenue for a lifetime. Once you join it, you can visit the affiliate area and check the complete terms and conditions. Please read how to earn money online from home for more ideas to make money online.

I hope this article will help you build your social media community with famenest and grow your business. Please subscribe to us to learn digital marketing, blogging, and SEO. Thank you for reading this article and reaching out. See you soon with another exciting topic in our next post.

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