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What is Ajanabha

Ajanabha is a blog to learn blogging, digital marketing, SEO, online jobs, WordPress tutorial, and the latest tech news. We publish here only well-researched articles after going through all the details and facts about it. We update our articles from time to time to provide you the latest and updated information.

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About the Founder / Author

Hi, this is Aniket Sinha, the founder, and author at Ajanabha. I am a Singer and Musician by profession. I have good knowledge of computers, Internet technology, SEO, youtube SEO, digital marketing, etc. I started Ajanabha with a vision to help those people who are looking for new ways to earn money online.

I was born in Siwan, Bihar. I am a science graduate, and I have also done a diploma in computer hardware and networking. I came to Mumbai to become a singer in Bollywood. I have a music YouTube channel named Aniket Sinha, where I upload my music videos. I love writing since my childhood, and I have a deep attachment to the Internet. I started blogging to educate people and support the nation.

Ajanabha is a blog started with a strong desire to help people and make them financially independent. I created ajanabha on 21 March 2019. Since then, my team and I have posted many life-changing articles that have changed the lives of thousands of readers.

My Vision

I want my country to become a leader in web technology. I have started working on finding great opportunities to become a successful businessman in web technology that will change thousands of lives. I believe that my music can entertain you and give you peace, and my knowledge of web technology can change the lives of thousands of people who will read this blog. Some other sites founded by me are the Indian social media site Famenest and Music blog First Music Review.

I feel I am the luckiest person.

My music can give you happiness, entertainment, and soulful feelings. My digital knowledge can help you achieve success in life. That’s why I feel that I can offer you the best of both the world!

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